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Mar 2019

#16 - Lindsay Dayton LaShell - Don’t Let Facebook Get You Down: Strategies for Results, Regardless of Your Ad Budget

Facebook advertising can be complicated and tricky, this is why I was looking for speakers that can help you with that. Search Love is always a great conference, and Lindsay Dayton LaShell had a presentation that will help you a lot and, if you look at the slides, you will enjoy all the dogs in the presentations. The topic was Don’t Let Facebook Get You Down: Strategies for Results, Regardless of Your Ad Budget.

You can find Lindsay on Twitter.

The presentation from Search Love 2019

Feb 2019

#15 - Scott Shou - Diagnosing dedicated IP e-mail deliverability

Scott is an expert on e-mail deliverability, the important metric that influences your e-mail marketing and he had a presentation at the MailCon 2019 with the title Diagnosing dedicated IP deliverability. He goes into details talking about how emails between servers are exchanged and what are all the different reasons that an email will be denied by the servers that deliver the e-mails to the recipients.

So, if you are concerned about your e-mail marketing, check out the episode and browse through the presentation that is embedded here.

Scott and I talked about the IBCoalition, check out their website that is still under construction, but you can subscribe to their e-mail and get all the news, I know I did.

Feb 2019

#14 - Dmitriy Kruglyak - 4 Phases of Successful Facebook Advertising Project

Dmitriy spoke at the Affiliate Summit West 2019 on how to build workflows and checklists to make your Facebook advertising more profitable.
Go and check out Dmitriy's blog at https://targetchoice.com/blog/ or contact him on LinkedIn.

Jan 2019

#13 - Bob Tripathi - Digital marketing trends in 2019

We open the 2019 podcast with trends, new things, old things and new ideas that you should do in 2019. Bob is the owner of www.bobtripathi.com and introduces 5 marketing trends for 2019 in the podcast. Visit his website to download an e-book with additional 5 trends.

You can find Bob also on Linkedin.

Check out Bob's presentation from the conference:

Dec 2018

#12 - Wes Schaeffer - Once you befriend this 100 years old trend, all your marketing woes will end

A title that promises, Wes was a speaker at the SEMPL 2018 conference in Portorož, and we had a great talk about what are the really important things in marketing. 

Check out his video presentation from SEMPL

Wes Schaeffer Keynote SEMPL Conference from Wes Schaeffer on Vimeo.

Nov 2018

#11 - Matthew Kay - Beyond Keywords

Digitalzone 18 is a marketing conference that takes place in Istanbul, Turkey. I've talked to Matthew Kay (@matthewkay87/) from Aira. He had a presentation called Beyond Keywords: How To Create Content That Matches Your Buyer’s Journey. He is an SEO at hearth and approached content and content strategy from an SEO perspective.

Here is his presentation

Nov 2018

#10 - JP Sherman - Delivering better on-site search results

JP Sherman is the Enterprise Search & Findability Manager at Red Hat and we talked about the on-site search, how they are using it at Red Hat and how e-commerce websites are (not) using it. You can find JP on twitter and you can check out slides from the presentation.

Oct 2018

#9 - Prabhat Shah - Amazon SEO Tools I Wouldn’t Avoid

Another talk from the Brighton SEO conference, this time on Amazon SEO. Amazon can be one of the most important sales channels that your company uses. Prabhat is an expert on Amazon and eBay sales at OnlineSellerUK, and you can check out his presentation at the end of this post.

Here is the list of all the tools that Prabhat showed in his presentation

Amazon KW Index and Rank Checker

Oct 2018

#8 - Rob Walch - If you are not podcasting, you are a fracking moron

Rob is the VP of podcast relations at Libsyn and had a presentation at the Content Marketing World 2018. One of the things that I liked in his presentation is his comparison of blogs vs. podcast and how we can stand out with a podcast more.

You can find Rob on Linkedin, or at his podcasts today in IOs or podcast411.

Sep 2018

#7 - Rand Fishkin - Why Nine out of Ten Marketing Launches Suck (and How to Be the One that Doesn’t)

He is the guy that created moz.com, he is that guy that publicly talks about all the problems that he had while he was the boss, and he is now the guy that has a new company that we all can't wait to see what is doing. Rand Fishkin spoke at the 2018 MozCon, with the presentation title Why Nine out of Ten Marketing Launches Suck (and How to Be the One that Doesn't). We also talked about the Gmail launch and how that was a good launch, about his book and of course about his new company.